Daily Archives: 11/07/2017

Photo Booth Connected – Social Media Kiosk Uploads for Photobooths & Event Photographers

Email, Upload to Facebook, Send to Twitter or SMS from Breeze, Photoboof, Sparkbooth, Eye-Fi, and any other photo booth software. Photo Booth Connected lets you upload right from the booth or you can set up a separate social sharing kiosk to keep Discover A Lot More

DFI Co-Exhibited with Qisda (BenQ) at Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition

In 2015, DFI joined hands with Qisda to offer total solutions for numerous varieties of embedded applications such as industry 4.0, smart retail, medical, IoT networks, etc. With this new strategic partnership & synergy, DFI co-exhibited with Qisda Discover A Lot More

Communitysourcing: Engaging Local Crowds to Perform Expert Work Via Physical Kiosks

Online labor markets, such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk, have been used to crowdsource simple, short tasks like image labeling and transcription. However, expert knowledge is often lacking in such markets, making it impossible to complete certain Discover A Lot More