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Lightbox 2 Multi-Touch Museum Media Browsing Software

Multi-touch software for museums, heritage sites, retail or public use kiosks. Manage archived media including audio, video or images and present it to visitors in a fully customisable attractive front end. Find out more and buy online: Blackbox Discover A Lot More

Gbmobile Mobile Kiosk Software: Price Lookup, Rewards Balance, & Streaming Ads

This is a quick intro demo video of our mobile software running on an mk4000 Motorola kiosk. They system is designed to do 3 things fantastically: 1. Price Lookup for items in the store, 2. Rewards/Loyalty Card Points Balance lookup, and streaming Discover A Lot More

Device Owner + Kiosk Mode (screen pinning) in Android Lollipop

This video provides a demonstration of setting the device owner app in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The demo app shows a kiosk mode application (using taskLock or screen pinning function of Android L). More information is available at our blog: Discover A Lot More