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Mvix Xhibit Signage Software: Free web-based Digital Signage CMS Application

(866.310.4923 | Xhibit Signage is a cloud-based digital signage content management system (CMS) for use with Mvix Xhibit HD Signage System. This free web-application allows users to manage digital signage content, playback, Discover A Lot More

Digital Signage Networks – Hotel Lobby Example of Interactive Kiosk Display - As digital signage systems become more commonplace, you'll see more Kiosk screens such as the one in this video in hotel lobbies and at high end building lobby locations allowing you access to local information, perks, Discover A Lot More

How to set up a Digital Signage Advertising Network (part 2): Pricing, structure, CPM, steps, hosts

How to set up a digital signage network; part 2, by Once you’ve installed your TV and media players in all 10 of your host locations, and added all the necessary advertising for you and your host, it is important to make Discover A Lot More

The Endless Possibilities of Cloud Based Signage , Digital Signage Kiosk

Delivering automatic and easy to use cloud based content management, Xhibit is a free digital signage software. From one location, Digital signage CMS Xhibit can effortlessly utilize anything from a lone menu board, to a corporate scale ad campaign. With Discover A Lot More

Kiosk demo in digital signage software

This video will demonstrate how to kiosk mode looks like when using NoviSign Chrome OS, Windows and Android digital signage software solution. Do you want to learn more? Visit us at Discover A Lot More

Interactive Kiosk On Any Tablet Using LOOK Digital Signage Software

Today I want to show you how by using the LOOK digital signage service you can fast and simple turn any device with a touch screen, whether it is professional floor-standing display or even tablet like this one, into the turnkey interactive kiosk. Discover A Lot More