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Hip Hop Artist Ezi Kiosk Mixtape Sketchbook tour / cool art Session 2 A.S.H. DC X Sia & Stomzy V

Youtube removed the sound becuase it stated that i have music playing in background... This is my Hip Hop Mixtape! I will be showing you an hour of me working on my sketchbook tour. The sketchbook drawing will include origami, pop ups, graffiti, Discover A Lot More

Photo Booth Connected – Green Screen Removal on Social Media Kiosk Upload Station Photo Booth Connected has added green Screen removal to it's Social Media Kiosk Upload Station Software. Simply drop your backgrounds into a folder and let the users pick which background they want to use. Discover A Lot More

Photo Booth Connected – Social Media Kiosk Uploads for Photobooths & Event Photographers

Email, Upload to Facebook, Send to Twitter or SMS from Breeze, Photoboof, Sparkbooth, Eye-Fi, and any other photo booth software. Photo Booth Connected lets you upload right from the booth or you can set up a separate social sharing kiosk to keep Discover A Lot More

SITA DigitalMedia Kiosk – Thomas Deillon, Product Innovation Manager, SITA

The most recent SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey has revealed that 83% of travelers carry at least one mobile device. 67% declare they would love to access entertainment on their smart device, reinforcing the trend towards a fully connected passenger Discover A Lot More