DVD Kiosk

DVMATIC is essentially a fully automated video store which is as easy to use as an ATM. To the end user, it offers the convenience of renting DVD’s at a touch of a button, 24/7, without the hassle of browsing through aisle in a video store, only to find out that the movie is out of stock.

ELO Media offers an entirely new distribution channel for the growing billion DVD industry. It is a fantastic way for business to increase foot traffic, offer an additional amenity or service and allow customers to rent the latest new movie releases as they come out.

Some of the Key Benefits of DVMATIC are:

Small footprint
Easy to use touch screen interface
Hold 330, 550 or 700 depending on the model
All credit/debit card based. (no cash transactions)
Web-based connectivity allowing remote management
Online reservations
Automated email receipts
Special marketing and promotional tools
Sophisticated Inventory management system

Utilizing a sophisticated web-based network technology and software architecture, DVMATIC automated kiosks permit 24/7 remote management by the owner/operators from any Internet-connected personal computer.

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