Electricity saving box Save On Power Bill Home save 30% 50%

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The easiest way to save energy!
Use electrical appliances as well as before,
And to pay 2 times less! ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX

It reduces the consumption of electrical current, thereby less
“Cool” counter and, consequently, reduced monthly
electricity bills! With ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX you can
pay for the light is less than 30-50%, depending on what
namely electrical appliances you use.

50% Air-conditioning, washing machine, computer, hair dryer
45% Electric, iron, microwave oven, television, heater
40% Refrigerator, gas boiler with an electric motor
35% of the coffee maker, an incandescent lamp, toaster
30% drills, rotary hammers, circular plate, jigsaw

1. Easy connection. One needs only to plug it in!
2. Do not be fooled counter. The savings achieved through more
efficient use of energy.
3. Effectiveness confirmed
numerous studies and explained scientifically.
4. Not only
It saves electricity, but also prolongs the life
5. Reduces harmful electromagnetic
radiation that identifies wiring and appliances
6. Fully paid off for 1-2 months.

ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX enjoys wide popularity in Europe.
As shown by statistical studies, ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX
acquired every second European family.

POWER SAVER in Malaysia since 2007. Save Electricity 25%. Power.Tune ENERGY SAVER is proven technology (CE Test, SIRIM Performance Test, Test Using Fluke43B Equipment, PSB Tested). Powet.Tune comes with the manufacturer liability insurance 1 Million.

Power Tune Power Saver is design using advance component and technology to reduce the energy wastage caused by motors, air-con, refrigerator, fish pump, lighting, computer, etc. Ingeniously designed for easy use. Just plug into power outlet. This energy saver stabilize the supply voltage, Improve efficiency and power factor and Save Electricity up to 25% electrical consumption each month.

Note: This Power Tune Power Saver suitable for houses, bungalows, condominiums, apartments, shops, restaurants, offices, cyber cafe, kiosk, small factories, etc.

Power.Tune Power Saver manufactured is under ISO standard and the Factory is ISO certified too.The factory total area is 55,000 Sq. Feet and have total of 350 employees. Power Tune have the capability to manufacturePower.Tune of 2,000 pcs / DAYor 60,000 pcs / MONTH.

Power.Tune Power Saving Features
1. Save Electricity 25%
2. Stabilize the incoming voltage
3. Plug and Saved – No Wiring Required
4. Built-in powerful lightning surge protector
5. Improve efficiency and power factor
6. Earth friendly, easy to use, maintenance free
7. Insulating material : Flame Retardant Material with high quality
8. One unit will work for the whole house circuit
9. One year product warranty
10. One million Product Liability Insurance

Why Power.Tune Energy Saver?
2. CE tested & is technically compliant with the EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-6-1 requirements.
3. Manufactured under ISO standard and our Factory is ISO certified too.
4. Power.Tune defines Pb–Free to be products that do not contain the following six substances, as defined in the RoHS initiative.
5. Monitor incoming power and adjust the input to meet the demand of electrical appliances and motors.
6. Eliminates energy wastage and extends the service life of electrical appliances.
7. More than 7 years in the market.

P.S. Power.Tune Energy Saver is already 7 years in the market, now available in Morocco, USA, UK, Ireland & Scotland, Iran, Singapore, France, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg and Germany, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and so on.

P.P.S. Power.Tune has gone through several Stringent Tests (CE Test, SIRIM Performance Test, Test Using Fluke43B Equipment) in extreme conditions to ensure reliability and performance.

P.P.P.S. Power.Tune Energy Saver is proven tested technology. With the Manufacturer Liability Insurance 1 Million, you can confident to the quality and start save electricity bill every month.

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