Fallout: NV – Gun Runners’ Arsenal – Unique Weapons Guide (DLC)

The Katana is not unique. Yes it’s an awesome weapon, but this guide is for items SO rare, there can only be one! (see what I did there?)
It’s true, look! http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Katana_(GRA)

This guide contains content from Gun Runners’ Arsenal, detailing all the Unique Guns, Energy, Melee and Unarmed weapons and their enjoyable effects.

[Weapons Included]
MF Hyperbreeder Alpha (0:58)
Paciencia (1:20)
Greased Lightning (1:39)
Gehenna (2:03)
Two-Step Goodbye (2:23)
Sleepytyme (2:39)
Medicine Stick (2:50)
Bozar (3:05)
Esther (3:21)
Nuka Breaker (3:49)
Embrace of The Mantis King! (4:18)
Li’l Devil (4:36)
Cleansing Flame (4:53)
Sprtel-Wood 9700 (5:19)
The Smitty Special (5:36)

Let me repeat myself, the Katana doesn’t qualify as a unique so it wasn’t included.

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15 thoughts on “Fallout: NV – Gun Runners’ Arsenal – Unique Weapons Guide (DLC)

  1. Saber The ODST

    I think the "cleansing flame" is a reference to Halo, as the prophets at time say that about the Halo rings, or it maybe it isn't and I just made a connection unintentionally.

  2. Shaquan Tucker

    i couldnt get clensing flame and the smity special cause they turned hostile to me when I turned in evidence for cass

  3. Keith Kaness

    is there something wrong with my game if the all the vendors except vendortron are dead but none of their stuff transfers to the vendortron?

  4. Michael Gonzalez

    Is there a glitch where if you kill one of the vendors say the van graffs and it doesn't show up it the vendortorn inventory cause that's happening to me how do I fix it

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