Game Boy Store Kiosk Review

Hey gamers today we are taking a very special look at the Game Boy Store Kiosk. A very good friend of mine who you can follow on Instagram @intrepidclassgaming is letting me review from his personal collection.
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10 thoughts on “Game Boy Store Kiosk Review

  1. SaraSyn SounDz ϟ

    This is really cool lol I miss playing Gameboy so much ! Amazing big item tho ! I wouldn't mind having that in my house eheh

  2. Rickadus ThirtyOne

    Nice intro logo and song. I'll be willing to do a guitar and piano intro I'd i got done footage

  3. SnackRelatedMishap

    That thing is super-cool.  I remember playing one of those back in the day before I bought my first Game Boy… totally forgot about them until I heard you had your hands on one.  Thanks for sharing!

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