How to Reload Bluebird at Walmart Money Kiosk

How to reload an American Express prepaid Bluebird card at a Walmart automated ATM Money Center Kiosk. Here are the steps to reload the Bluebird card at a Walmart store that has one of these Money Center automated kiosk machines that is in good working order. This example is showing how to reload the Bluebird card with a debit card, but it can also be reloaded with cash. If you follow many of the tips I show on my videos of my channel you too will be soon getting lots of free and cheap travel to almost anywhere in the world including some very exotic and beautiful locations such as in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America or Australia. The world is available for you. Subscribe to this channel so you can keep up with all the latest tips on getting free and cheap travel.

These machines are no longer available in most Walmarts. If anyone knows one please leave a comment.

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11 thoughts on “How to Reload Bluebird at Walmart Money Kiosk

  1. Charles Urias

    I have recently read that you can no longer buy "Vanilla" cards and then load them onto your Bluebird card anymore (as of January 2016). Do you know if I could do this now?

    I have an new AMEX PR Gold that I need to spend $1,000 on in the next 3 months.

  2. The12stonesfan

    i have a question…

    i have this guy who's kind of a friend, who owns me $450 BUT i must know that if he gives the money through my bank details when he gives me the money will the money automatically be added to my Serve card or will i have to go to ATM and withdraw? Basically he's going to do a Bank Transfer over to my bank that is linked to my serve account that is automatically given by Amex when you get a Serve card.

    he doesn't have a serve account or anything, he's just simply doing a Bank Transfer of $450 from his bank to the Bank details that's linked to my serve account, thats given by Amex when you get a serve card.

  3. Raw Traveler

    If anybody knows of a Walmart with a functioning Money Center Express Kiosk (the machine in this video), please let us know. A functional one is becoming difficult to find these days.

  4. TnCouponer

    Is the walmart bluebird card great to have? Can you do a video on pros and con's of having it? Thank you for the video..

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