Linux Microtouch Touch Screen problems – Need some help getting touchscreen to work

This is a NCR 7401-2512 Kiosk with a Microtouch touchscreen using the Excalibur chipset and connecting via ps/2 port on the motherboard. After a fresh install of any newer linux distrobution when you touch the screen the pointer jumps wildly all over the place with no control, it is almost as if it is looking at the touch screen like a mouse or finger pad and getting confused? I have no idea where to go with this and need some help. I have read all the help files on the forums to no avail! Please help! If you can provide me with the information I need I’ll shoot you on paypal!

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4 thoughts on “Linux Microtouch Touch Screen problems – Need some help getting touchscreen to work

  1. Juan Navarro


    I have the same POS, what i did was installing the base system of debian in a computer. Then I bought an adapter for the mini ide conector of the POS (like 8 dollars) and I connected the HDD.


    1) I erased the lines in /etc/rules.d/ 70-persistent-net.rules
    2) I manually installed the firmware e100 (just downloaded the firmware in a USB, and copied to /lib/firmware/e100

    By the way, is working very fast with XFCE

    HARDWARE: Celeron 600 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 20GB Hdd

  2. Earl Russell

    I also have an old NCR 7401-2212 POS machine that I am trying to put linux or even embedded windows and I'm having issues with the boot up. The original HDD was pulled out and I put in a new one but it doesn't seem to boot up. Do you know of a way to access the bios?

  3. Javier Mayorga

    i have the same problem in a same POS, but diferent OS, windows Millenium, i got the drivers, but they dont work, they canĀ“t detect the touchscreen

  4. john smith

    I know this is an old post but If anyone else comes across this the answer is the driver. This is not a platform issue. Search for microtouch driver or 7401 ncr driver and you will find it.

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