Maclocks iPad Rotating Wall Mount with iPad Enclosure -portrait and landscape.

Maclocks iPad Rotating Wall Mount with iPad Enclosure – Secures iPad 1/2/3/4 ! Perfect for portrait and landscape.

Product page:

Maclocks Rotating Wall Mount Executive iPad Enclosure – Secures ALL iPad Models !

is one of our top security versions of the Company’s best-selling iPad Lock.

Also includes Open and Block Home Button Covers for FREE!

Works with any ipad – iPad 2 Enclosure , iPad 3 Enclosure – New iPad Enclosure.

The high grade aluminum enclosure secures the iPad against theft and is completely tamper-resistant.

All Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth and 3G radio frequencies are uninterrupted by the metal enclosure which also allows full access to the volume and power buttons.

Easily mounts to the wall, and offers a 90 degree rotation in each direction – Perfect for both portrait and Landscape !

iPad Enclosure Construction:

* High grade aluminum construction
* Includes padding for iPad protection
* Fits Vesa mount

Specs for the iPad Enclosure:

* Length: 11.7 in (300 mm)
* Width: 7.9 in (200 mm)
* Height / Thick: .8.1 in (20 mm)
* Weight 3 lbs

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