McDonald’s EOTF Kiosks replaces Cashiers

McDonald’s hits all-time high as Wall Street cheers replacement of cashiers with kiosks

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20 thoughts on “McDonald’s EOTF Kiosks replaces Cashiers

  1. Reginald Brown

    People need to stop and think about this… Like the movie " SCHOOL DAZE"…WAKE UP!!!!!! Any stories about people in WALL STREET getting replace by robots?????I don't think so….God Forbid WHITE blue collar MEN will be out of a job and be on the STREET. People think the companies run the WORLD…Think again…. the CUSTOMER run the world…If you think different ..Then you're a SLAVE to the system….Who's really the sheep or shepherd in LIFE ….

  2. siegfried greding

    we are not replacing ppl no no no…..we are just making it to waer they can help the customers more .ya and when there are not a lot of customers you think there going to be ok with a bunch of employees standing around doing nothing .no people will get fired. and when a companies talk about choices-es watch out because it usually means the opposite .i support a progressive tax with a ubi .

  3. James B

    Dear $15/hour strikers/protesters (whatever you call yourselves),
    McDonalds heard you and answered with replacing cashiers with digital kiosks (that make $0/hour)…was all your ranting worth it?

  4. Lee Benson

    One more thing, I can see people ordering a lot of food and choosing to pay at the counter, then walking out without paying

  5. Lee Benson

    Soon office workers will be replaced by automated tellers…. wait, it has also started. Immigrants aren't taking our jobs, it's technology. Your degree's will become worthless. and sex-bots will replace women.

  6. Lee Benson

    This has been in play for a couple years now in Canada I heard. also grocery stores have been replacing cashiers for years. they said the counter people will remain for customer service, but they will soon be replaced. Who will the people fight with now if their order is wrong.

  7. MrTimeless101

    The response to all this is, stop eating at mcdonalds. they could automate everything but if people don't have money because they are no jobs then these companies will go out of business.

  8. Chris Ellerbeck

    hey I don't give a shit. I haven't eaten McDonald's shite food in years and have no plan to in the future haha

  9. Christopher Peake

    This is not automation. Someone is still pushing the buttons, but instead of an underpaid employee it's you. Not getting paid a damn dime for it. Are the burgers cheaper now that Mickie D's isn't paying those employees? So not only are people not being paid a livable wage, we're doing their job for free and making McD even richer. Do not eat at McDonald's.

  10. willia3r

    Not that human beings are capable or disciplined enough to do this, but I personally think that there should be a savings protest of corporations.

    Don't put your money into supporting this garbage. Find a small bank or credit union to put money into.

    It's like Ronald Reagan's "starve the beast" doctrine but rather than aim it at government…instead target the monster mega corporation.

  11. grimygrime

    The only people who are surprised by this are the McDonald's workers. Everyone else has been saying this for years now.

  12. lamarcus Griffin

    the Una bummer Ted Trazinsk gave warning about the things to come in his manafesto and now its coming to pass BGS if your a fan battle star Galactica Termanater and matrix and the spean off of battle star Galactica Andromeda you and George Orwell you will understand stand .

  13. Yours Truly

    I'm a millennial and while the rest of my generation was bitching about Mcjobs only paying $9.00 a hour I just got a job at Amazon where they pay almost $15 plus benefits. My college loans will be paid off right around the time the droids replace ALL remaining jobs.

  14. MrBopeel

    Digital kiosks. Self-driving cars. Self check-out at the grocery store. They are slowly but surely phasing out low-wage workers in this country. Pretty soon you'll need a PhD in engineering to even get a job. Plus, businesses don't have to pay for medical insurance for machines.

  15. Dig Thug

    Well…pretty soon we won't be able to tell teenagers to "get a job". That "just work at McDonald's" line is slowly dying.

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