SouthWest Airlines Express Checkin n Self Service Boarding Pass :: Arun Kumar B :: Dec 2011

SouthWest Airlines Express Checkin n Self Service Boarding Pass explained by Arun Kumar B :: Dec 2011

19 Dec 2011:
* Returning from San Diego to San Jose by 5:45 PM flight
* Came early to Airport (by 1:00 PM) & wanted to checking the baggage & roam around
* Stood in the full service queue of SouthWest Airlines, for about 20 mins (lengthy queue)
* By 1:20 PM my turn came & found that luggage can’t be checked in before 4 hrs of flight time
* Disappointed, as again I need to stand in the queue for another 20 mins 🙁

* Then found the ‘Express Check-in’ service by SouthWest
* If we have boarding pass already, then we shall enter this queue, which is short (hardly 4/ 5 folks were in queue)
* There are separate vending machines to get Boarding Pass on our own
* With that we shall simply enter ‘Express Check-in’ & save 17 mins (it takes only 3 mins to drop baggage)

* While taking this video, I kept my luggage near ‘Boarding Pass Vending Machine’ & starting walking all the way to ‘Express Check-in’ counter
* Airport Security chased me & asked to take custody of my baggage
* If I have delayed further, they could have taken my baggage for screening 🙁

* At end of this video, you can see Airport Security catching me 🙂

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