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Access Control System Iris Based Identity Authentication HBOX Overview

* * Please visit our web site for more information. http://www.smartouch.com.sg HBOX™ is an overhead iris-based identity authentication system. Our flexible design accommodates multiple mounting environments from mobile stands, fixed frames Discover A Lot More

Shenzhen I/O – Episode 06 – Cheese it (Token Based Payment Kiosk, Haunted Doll) v1.2

This week we take a look at sorting out making change for a Token-Based Payment Kiosk that's going to be all prettied up. Then we will look into making a haunted doll. Shenzhen I/O is a very interesting puzzle game. It combines circuit building Discover A Lot More

The Endless Possibilities of Cloud Based Signage , Digital Signage Kiosk

Delivering automatic and easy to use cloud based content management, Xhibit is a free digital signage software. From one location, Digital signage CMS Xhibit can effortlessly utilize anything from a lone menu board, to a corporate scale ad campaign. With Discover A Lot More