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iPad Lightning Hidden Cable – for Dock or Wall Mount – Reverse Cable Direction

IPad Lightning Hidden Charger/Sync Cable for Dock, Wall or Car Mount - Reverse Cable Direction Available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00SOXVHEI Lightning Hidden Charger/Sync Cable - Reverse Cable Direction. Fed up with unsightly charger Discover A Lot More

How to Set your iPad up into “Store” or “Single App” mode. *Audio/Visual Brisbane*

In This Video, Mark Skehan from The Big Picture explains how to set up an iOS device into single app mode, or guided access so it can be used in store mode, or more importantly, so it can be used for cost effective remote control of Audio/Visual Discover A Lot More

iPad Enclosure Kiosk – Rotates 360 and Swivels by www.youhuge.com

iPad Enclosure Kiosk - Rotates 360 and Swivels! Counter mount All in One - Fits iPad1 Enclosure, iPad2 Enclosure - iPad3 Enclosure - New iPad Enclosure - Includes our security Cable Lock !!! http://www.youhuge.com/trade-show-accessories/monitor-stands-workstations-kiosks/portable-ipad-trade-show-stands/ipad-enclosure-kiosk-rotates-360-and-swivels.html iPad Discover A Lot More