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РЕЖЕМ ВОЛОСЫ София в ШОКЕ !Принцессы Диснея Princess Rapunzel Real Life Disney Princess Toy For Kids

Все Видео Канала Little Miss Sofia:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3p6RnGpU0QQ_H7eYbnH2AA/videos Привет всем! Сегодня вы увидите как мама Режет и заплетает Волосы Принцессе Discover A Lot More

The Sonar Station interactive Museum Kiosk Helps kids learn about sonar range finding

The Sonar Station is an interactive kiosk that entices visitors to experiment with, play with and learn about sonar distance measurement. Using a combination of robotic, acoustic and visual devices, the kiosk responds to visitors motions with fun Discover A Lot More