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ZKTEK K1A touchscreen internet kiosk with metal keyboard and 3G&4G&GPRS connected by WIFI

ZKTEK offers standalone touchscreen internet kiosk with metal keyboard and 3G&4G&GPRS with WIFIfor airport and information, enclosures are in stock for delivery in 20 days. ZKTEK has worked for many customers including OMANAIR, TIGO, T-MOBILE.... Discover A Lot More

China sheet metal factory vending machine self kiosk manufacturer

www.abcdgood.com Software, System Solution, Robot, Artificial Intelligence. Shenzhen Abcdgood Technology Limited Skype: abcdgood.com Email: sales@abcdgood.com WhatsApp: +86-18806664588 QQ: 25995911 Tel/Fax: 0755-23225076 For more products (video): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0TTS62CWQXYQfxToVjqoOg Discover A Lot More

$595 Metal Ring Light Photo Booth Kiosk Optional swivel bracket, umbrella iclick

This is our newest kiosk. It is 5 for the shell only and will fit any 10-12" windows tablet. We recommend the surface pro 1 or 2. It is 12"x24" tall x 5" deep metal kiosk with mirror on the backside. It includes a 40" tall 4.5x4.5" aluminum square Discover A Lot More