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Lightbox 2 Multi-Touch Museum Media Browsing Software

Multi-touch software for museums, heritage sites, retail or public use kiosks. Manage archived media including audio, video or images and present it to visitors in a fully customisable attractive front end. Find out more and buy online: http://www.blackboxav.co.uk/lightbox-2 Blackbox Discover A Lot More

SpotOn Interactive: Multi-touch Product Information Kiosk

Show your products in new and exciting way with product information kiosk system from SpotOn Interactive. You can use it for showing off your product or use it as an ordering kiosk for your next trade show event or at malls, retail stores, or restaurants... For Discover A Lot More

Optical Infrated Multitouch Touch Screen Interective Whiteboard Presentation

Amazon-US: http://babbleify.info/slus/2/com/B01IR9AZNW/info * This's an interactive education product special designed for industry. * 300,000 pixels, high sensitivity, *120-frame high-speed camera, less than 8 milliseconds of response, * 77-inch Discover A Lot More