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How to Set your iPad up into “Store” or “Single App” mode. *Audio/Visual Brisbane*

In This Video, Mark Skehan from The Big Picture explains how to set up an iOS device into single app mode, or guided access so it can be used in store mode, or more importantly, so it can be used for cost effective remote control of Audio/Visual Discover A Lot More

Wii U and Amiibo Store Display Kiosk Pickup + Showcase

Picked both of these fairly recently after hearing word about Gamestop throwing them out. Got extremely lucky and ended up with both, with the Wii U kiosk being slightly damaged. The mounts I used to affix the kiosk to my wall are here: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gladiator-48-in-L-x-6-in-H-Gray-Composite-Storage-Rails/4196257 The Discover A Lot More

Colecovision Store Display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk Collection

Lucky 1980's kids were in for a surprise when they went to the stores and saw a Kiosk like this. A tour around a vintage store display from Jason Brassard's Kiosk collection. Little history on what made Colecovision great. Our Store http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/home.asp Instagram Discover A Lot More