“Touch-thru-Glass” Interactive Signage

We’d like to present you the best digital signage in this world, the VariVitro.

Now imagine: What if customers want to….

• Check catalogs, price, promotions…..etc, with free will
• Buy or order items any time, without a staff’s help
• Come back and shop for new arrival, even at night

Anything to attract and interact with customers, you will need it! Here, we provide the best solution for your business, the VariVitro, and we’d like to tell you why:

• It’s beautiful: great experience to your customers
• It’s robust: unless with a hammer
• It’s 24/7: never stop working for your customers
• It’s simple: keep your showroom fashionable and neat
• It’s fantastic!

Please contact us for further information and samples. For more information, please visit us at http://www.poindus.com.

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