Emergency services are still searching through the rubble at the site of the I-R-A bomb attack in London’s Docklands.

All day Sunday, firefighters and police have been sifting through the wreckage in which the bodies of two men killed in the huge blast were found..

More than a hundred people were wounded in the explosion on Friday. Five are still in hospital with serious injuries.

Two days after the blast the scene at South Quay in London’s East End is still one of utter devastation.

Office blocks stand shattered and debris litters the road.

Insurance experts calculate the destruction could lead to a repair bill of more than 85 million pounds (128-million U-S dollars).

But the physical cost pales in comparison to the human suffering caused by the bomb– and its blow to hopes for peace in the Northern Ireland conflict.

The bodies of the two dead men were discovered after an intensive search of the smashed buildings.

Police have named the victims as 29-year-old Inan Ul-Haq Bashir and John Jeffries, who was 31.

Both had been working in a newsagent’s kiosk close to the scene of the explosion.

The police say the bomb contained up to half a ton of homemade explosives, and is believed to have been packed into a van and left in a parking garage.

Police were out in force in London’s city centre Sunday, stopping vehicles for random security checks.

As relative calm returns to Docklands the search for clues to the bombers continues.

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  1. manofweed1

    They were low, but not the lowest of the low. I think our ME friends now are the lowest imaginable, the devil in disguise attacking even school children en masse.

  2. Jason Sheridan

    just remember, there was a warning. International finance shaped policy. Irish just wanted an equal say on their island.

  3. the last high king

    most of the Irish living in London made a lot of money cleaning up that mess fucking the British over twice in the one go ha ha IRA all the way

  4. Ian Jarrett

    Pity they didn't play a video of this at Martin Mcguiness's funeral, or that of the Birmingham pub bombings where the IRA deliberately targeted young people out having a drink after work, who had nothing to do with government. Policy and just became collateral damage. IRA Scum.

  5. Captain Adnan Chuhan

    border cross agency low enforcement agency, attach, some activities work, media support,

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