xbox 360 kiosk

My newest pickup I have a xbox 360 kiosk

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6 thoughts on “xbox 360 kiosk

  1. Scott Lewis

    I was able to nab one of these, except with no keys and no Monitor or bracket. Whats the Samsumg model number and any info or pictures on how the TV is held on the back plate would be appreciated.

  2. Ben Valenzuela

    Hi quick question or two. Where does that green cable the goes from the screw on the inside to the outside go to. Mine is just dangling from the back. And my white leds under the 360 doesn't have any connection beside the wire that connects to the led so I'm wondering how dies it light up. Thanks! Wish mine looked as good as yours lol.

  3. Manny F

    Also, get either a Samsung TV remote, ANY Samsung remote or a universal remote, preferably a Samsung remote. Turn the TV off and while the TV’s off, dial quickly, mute + 182 power. If it worked then the TV should turn on with a special menu, choose hotel mode, and it should be on panel lock, turn panel or button lock off, and the tadaa, the TV’s side buttons are accessible again.

  4. Manny F

    I actually worked for the past 3 years as an “Xbox 360 retail representative”, and the reason I put it in quotes is because Microsoft doesn’t have direct reps, they outsource their retail work to a company called Acosta Mosaic Sales Solution, a not so reputable company in my opinion. Anyway my point. I still have the original keys and instruction guide on maintaining the 360 kiosks and the different types that were created and installed in different store chains, I could probably scan the instruction guide and send it to you if you’d like. Drop me a line and let me know.

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